Celebrating Women’s History Month

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When I watched Tuesday’s State of the Union Address, I was struck by the fact that this was the first time in my lifetime that I had seen two women sit behind the president as he delivered his speech. I am grateful not only for this historic moment, but for the infinite contributions women have made to our country and our state.

Marylanders like Rachel Carson, Clara Barton, Billie Holiday, Barbara Mikulski and so many others have advanced politics, medicine, music, and other fields, and have shattered glass ceilings along the way.

Picture of Jon Baron and Jody Baron as children
Jody and me in front of our childhood home in Bethesda.

I am also grateful for a few extremely important women in my life. My wonderful mom Phyllis Baron — a public school teacher who taught children with reading disabilities — showed me the value of public service. My wife Jessica is the best friend and partner I could have ever asked for. My sister Jody has been a close and loyal source of support throughout my life. They have been such a valuable part of my life and today — as part of Women’s History Month — I want to express my gratitude.

I also want to share three ways we can continue empowering the women of our state, and ensure that they can keep making an enormous impact in Maryland and across the country.

When I am elected your governor, we will:

1. Provide proven-effective support for first-time mothers. The Nurse-Family Partnership pairs nurses and first-time mothers for regular home visits that provide assistance in parenting, nutrition, health, family planning, educational achievement, and workforce participation. This program has been shown to produce big gains in child health and safety, mothers’ economic self-sufficiency, and other important life outcomes.

2. Expand proven solutions for increasing college graduation rates — like Bottom Line, which provides one-on-one advising to help students apply to, enroll, and graduate from four-year colleges. For young women, this program was found to increase their rate of bachelor’s degree completion by a remarkable 10 percentage points.

3. Pass an amendment to the Maryland Constitution to protect reproductive rights. Reproductive rights are under attack — in the U.S. Supreme Court and across the country. It’s critical that we bolster these fundamental rights in Maryland, which is why I have fully endorsed Speaker Jones’s plan to codify reproductive rights in the Maryland State Constitution.

In Maryland, throughout Women’s History Month and every day of the year, let’s do what works to support women.

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Former non-profit executive, Democratic candidate for governor of Maryland. By authority: Jon Baron for Maryland, Jessica Rich, Treasurer.

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Jon Baron

Jon Baron

Former non-profit executive, Democratic candidate for governor of Maryland. By authority: Jon Baron for Maryland, Jessica Rich, Treasurer.

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